Historically, utility companies have used aluminum cables for power transmission and distribution. However, in recent years, aluminum wire has gained popularity in commercial and residential building applications. In the correct application, utility aluminum cables have many advantages over other wire types while providing the same level of reliability.

At Classic Wire & Cable, our collective experience in the cable and wire industry exceeds 200 years, enabling us to exclusively provide electrical distributors with high-performance aluminum cables.

utility aluminum cables

Why Use Utility Aluminum Cables?

Aluminum is a great choice for utility applications because it is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Compared to copper cables, aluminum’s light weight makes it nearly twice as good of a conductor. For this reason, utility aluminum cables are a top choice for major power transmission lines.

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Utility Aluminum Cables Properties & Applications

Since aluminum is physically, chemically, and mechanically similar to other metals used as electrical current conductors, aluminum wire is a preferred, low-cost alternative in many situations. Aluminum wire is easy to work with, allowing professionals to quickly and effectively install the wiring in various locations. Utility aluminum cables are often the best choice for applications where weight is a concern since it is much more lightweight than copper wiring.

The construction industry uses aluminum wire because of its cost savings and better conductivity to weight than other wiring types, such as copper. Contractors install aluminum wire in multiple areas, such as service entrance conductors, large conductors, and power distribution conductors. Commercial facilities widely use utility aluminum cable, including high-rise buildings, shopping malls, stadiums, wastewater treatment plants, and manufacturing facilities.

Classic Wire and Cable Aluminum Cable Offerings

With years of experience, the aluminum wire and cable experts at Classic Wire & Cable can find the right cable for almost every application. We have strategically placed regional distribution centers, including Pennsylvania and California warehouse hubs, fully stocked with quality products, leading to reduced lead times and better service. Our distributors trust the Classic Wire & Cable professionals to offer full support for our entire product line and competitive prices.

We offer the following aluminum utility cable types:

  • Aluminum URD Cables (Underground)
  • QUADRUPLEX OH Service Drop Cables (Overhead)
  • ACSR Bare Aluminum Bare Aluminum Cables

Other types of wire and cable we offer include:

  • Type SE XHHW Aluminum Cable (SER)
  • Type SE XHHW Aluminum Cable (SEU)
  • THHN/THWN-2 Aluminum Power Cable Low Friction 600 V
  • XHHW-2 Aluminum Power Cable Low Friction 600 V / 1000 V
  • 600 V Aluminum USE-2 RHH OR RHW-2
  • Mobile Home Feeder

Trust Classic Wire & Cable for Utility Aluminum Cables and More

Aluminum cables offer advantages in a wide range of applications. Whether you need help deciding if aluminum wire is best for your project or choosing the right type of aluminum wire for your application, our professionals can help. At Classic Wire & Cable, we boast over 200 years of combined experience in the wire and cable industry. We maintain a large utility aluminum cable selection at competitive prices while providing fast service and a network of trusted distributors.

With Classic Wire & Cable’s customer-first approach, we strive to provide a high level of customer satisfaction with quality cable offerings and a list of value-added services, ensuring our customers get the aluminum cables they need at the right time. Our knowledgeable and experienced team members are ready to assist with your utility aluminum cable needs. Contact us to learn about the types of aluminum wire we offer and how to choose the right cable for your application.

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