SO Portable Cords

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SO portable cords, or SOOW cords, are a type of power cable designed for use in electrical systems to safely transfer power from one source to another. The “S” in “SO” stands for service. If the “S” is not followed by a “J”, it means that the cord has a voltage rating of 600 volts; […]

service entrance cables

What Is a Service Entrance Cable?

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Service entrance cables are electrical cables that connect and carry electrical currents from electrical companies to commercial buildings. They come in different types that serve various functions. Read on to learn what service entrance cables are and their primary characteristics. Service Entrance Cables There are two main types of service entrance cables: SER and SEU. […]

utility aluminum cables

Utility Aluminum Cables

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Historically, utility companies have used aluminum cables for power transmission and distribution. However, in recent years, aluminum wire has gained popularity in commercial and residential building applications. In the correct application, utility aluminum cables have many advantages over other wire types while providing the same level of reliability. At Classic Wire & Cable, our collective […]

Industrial Wire Types

Industrial Wire and Cable Types

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Wires and cables are integral components for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. At Classic Wire and Cable, we offer a full product line of industrial wire and cables, competitively priced to meet the demands of our customers. Each product has a particular use and provides various benefits. Industrial Wire Types One of […]