SO portable cord cables are heavy-duty, flexible, multi-conductor power cables designed for durability and resistance to environmental conditions. They are ideal for applications in the industrial, commercial, marine, and entertainment industries or for temporary power supplies.

At Classic Wire & Cable, we understand the need for safe, reliable electricity in settings like large events, construction sites, and workshops. Our commitment to offering high-quality SJOOW and SOOW portable service cord solutions and exceptional customer service will keep you operating efficiently and competitively.

Features of SO Portable Cord Cables

The following features make portable cords appropriate for a variety of applications:

  • Flexible: SO portable cord cables are more manageable and installation-friendly due to the flexibility of the stranded bare copper conductors and the rubber jacket. They are much easier to route through tight spaces and around obstacles.
  • Durable: Besides being more flexible, the tough rubber compound jacket provides superior durability against physical wear and tear. In addition, the copper cores have a higher tolerance for bending and fatigue.
  • Resistance Features: The insulation in SJOOW and SOOW portable service cords offers excellent heat resistance, giving them a wide operational temperature tolerance. Combined with the outer jacket, these cables are also oil-, solvent-, and water-resistant.
  • Versatile: Portable cords are available in heavy- and light-duty voltage ratings and various conductor sizes and numbers. We manufacture them to meet or exceed UL and CSA standards, making them suitable for a wide range of uses and environments.

It is important to note that these multipurpose cables are not appropriate for permanent installations, direct flame or extreme heat exposure, and deep underwater applications.

SO Portable Cord Cable Specifications

We manufacture two types of SO portable cord cables:

Both types use flexible thermoset rubber that is weather-, water-, and sunlight-resistant and fitting for indoor or outdoor use. Type SOOW cables can operate submerged in 60 degrees C shallow water for three months.

The conductors consist of tensile stranded Class K through 18 to 10 AWG copper per ASTM B-174, and the EPDM rubber insulation can handle temperatures up to 90 C. They are assembled with non-wicking paper fillers, and the flexible CPE jackets are easier to remove due to the paper separators.

Our SJOOW and SOOW portable service cords are compliant with UL 62, CSA C22.2 No. 49, the Standard for Flexible Cords and Cables E477374, and RoHS. They have been flame-tested according to UL VW-1 and CSA FT2. NEC Article 400 lists selection and usage guidelines for SO portable cables.

How To Select SO Portable Cord Cables

We stock SJOOW and SOOW portable service cords ranging from 2 to 4 conductors and 18 to 2 AWG. The exact size you need depends on the following:

  • Ampacity: Each cable size has a maximum current it can safely conduct without exceeding temperature limits.
  • Voltage Drop: Larger cable sizes are necessary for longer runs to minimize the voltage drop over distance.
  • Environmental Conditions: In harsh conditions, we recommend selecting a cable with a higher ampacity than would normally be appropriate to compensate for these factors.
  • Installation Conditions: Cables run through conduits, buried underground, or installed in areas with multiple cords bundled together may need to be upsized to handle the reduced heat dissipation.

Check out these examples of SO portable cord cable selections for various applications.

Lighting Systems (SOOW)

SOOW cables are sturdy and weather-resistant, suitable for temporary outdoor lighting for events or job sites. These applications typically require 3 to 5 conductors and an AWG of 14 to 10.

Industrial Equipment (SOOW)

Industrial applications, such as connecting heavy machinery, industrial equipment, or conveyors to power sources, have higher power needs. SO portable cord cables with 4 conductors (3 power and 1 ground) and 10 to 4 AWG are necessary.

Control Circuits (SOOW or SJOOW)

The complexity of remote control panels and industrial control circuits requires cables with 3 to 7 conductors and 18 to 14 AWG. Both SOOW and SJOOW can handle these uses, so the final choice depends on environmental exposure.

Power Tools and Portable Equipment (SJOOW)

Lighter and more flexible SJOOW cords are ideal for handheld or moveable equipment such as portable power tools, appliances, and small motors. The typical configuration for these projects is 3 conductors (2 power and 1 ground) with 16 to 12 AWG.

Sound and Audio Visual Equipment (SJOOW)

Wiring for speakers, audio-visual systems, and broadcast equipment in studios or at events generally needs portable cables with 3 conductors (2 signal/1 ground) and 16 to 14 AWG. SJOOW cords are flexible and resistant to interference, making them fit for sensitive audio equipment.

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