When you need the best wires or cables for your application, Classic Wire & Cable is your leading aluminum wire and cable supplier. We offer high-quality UL-Listed products to serve industrial, commercial, renewable energy, and residential markets through our extensive network of NEMRA-affiliated electrical distributors. Our sales team consists of experienced and knowledgeable representatives from the manufacturing and distributing sectors who are ready to help you find the cabling you require.

Why Partner With an Aluminum Cable Supplier

Aluminum wiring is becoming a more popular comparable alternative to copper for several reasons. These wires and cables weigh less, which reduces installation and support structure costs, especially for overhead power lines.

Aluminum also averages about half the cost of copper, making it a cost-effective material for large-scale electrical distribution systems. The metal’s excellent conductivity makes it suitable for high-voltage transmission over long distances.

Aluminum Building Wire

Aluminum building wire is a commonly used material for electrical installations in commercial and residential construction and industrial projects. We are an aluminum cable supplier of these products:

  • Type SE Aluminum Cable (SER/SEU): Above-ground service entrance/panel feeder/branch circuit, wet/dry locations, rated at 90 degrees Celsius by NEC Article 338
  • XHHW-2 Aluminum Cable Low-Friction 600 V/1000 V: Conduit/recognized raceways, services/feeders/branch circuits, wet/dry locations
  • THHN/THWN-2 Aluminum Cable Low-Friction 600 V: Conduit/cable trays, industrial/commercial, services/feeders/branch circuits, NEC 2001, wet/dry locations, maximum conductor temperature 90 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Celsius when exposed to oil/coolant)
  • Mobile Home Feeder: Internal mobile home supply, maximum conductor temperature 90 degrees Celsius
  • Aluminum USE-2 RHH or RHW-2: General purpose, maximum conductor temperature 90 degrees Celsius, wet/dry locations, air/conduit/direct burial

Aluminum building wires are also well-suited for renewable energy applications. They are a cost-effective, lightweight choice for extensive electrical systems in remote or challenging locations.

Type MC Armored Cables

Type MC armored cables are metal-clad cables that provide a durable and protective solution for electrical circuits and eliminate the need for a separate conduit. They are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, and applications include control cables and flexible connections to HVAC equipment or light fixtures.

Classic Wire is a Type MC industrial cable distributor of the following three- or four-conductor with ground aluminum armor products:

  • XHHW-2 600 V
  • THHN/THWN-2 600 V

Both are appropriate for service entrance cables, feeders, or branch circuits in compliance with NEC 2011. They can also be used in a raceway, against masonry, or embedded in plaster.

Utility Aluminum Cables

Classic Wire and Cable’s utility aluminum cables are economical and lightweight, making them suitable for a broad range of utility applications, including power transmission and distribution. Their high conductivity and good strength-to-weight ratio make them ideal for grid infrastructure and renewable energy projects like wind farms and solar panels.

Aluminum URD Cables (Underground)

We offer 600 V 1350 aluminum URD (Type USE-2) cables in quadruplex, triplex, duplex, and single designed for secondary distribution in direct burial or duct installations. We also carry 600 V 8000 aluminum URD Triplex (Type USE-2), which can be directly buried or pulled into a conduit for secondary distribution or underground service entrances.

Service Drop Cables (Overhead)

Classic Wire stocks the following aluminum service drop cables, all in AAC, ASCR, and AAAC-6201 alloy constructions:

  • Quadruplex: Supplies 3-phase power from a pole-mounted transformer to the service entrance cable connection, voltages of 600 V or less, conductor temperatures not to exceed 75 C (polyethylene-insulated) or 90 C (XLP-insulated)
  • Triplex: Supplies power from the utility lines to the consumer’s weatherhead, service at 600 V or less (phase to phase), maximum temperature of 75 C (polyethylene insulation) or 90 C (crosslinked insulation)
  • Duplex: Supplies 120 V aerial service for temporary construction service or outdoor/street lighting, 600V or lower, conductor temperature maximum 75 C

Bare Aluminum Cables

Manufactured for overhead transmission and primary or secondary distribution, we supply bare aluminum cables that include:

  • ASCR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced): Optimal strength without sacrificing ampacity for line design
  • ACSS (Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported): Operates continuously at temperatures up to 250 C without loss of strength
  • AAC (All Aluminum Conductor): Stranded 1350 aluminum conductors, Class AA (least flexible) through Class C (most flexible)
  • AAAC (All Aluminum Alloy Conductor)-6201 Alloy: High strength-to-weight ratio, better sag characteristics, higher resistance to corrosion than ACSR

We also carry aluminum tie wire to secure overhead transmission and distribution line components mechanically or to use in grounding applications.

SO Portable Cord Cables

SO portable cord cables are designated for extra-hard service and excellent performance in extreme heat or cold. The robust construction with insulation and a jacket made from thermoset rubber provides significant resistance to oil, solvents, water, ozone, flame, aging, and abrasion. Our portable cable products include:

  • SOOW Copper 600 V: Submersible in shallow water with temperatures up to 60 C for three months maximum
  • SJOOW Copper 300 V: Use in dry/damp locations and in temperatures up to 90 C

The flexibility of SO portable cord cables makes them ideal for moveable applications like connecting power to portable equipment. However, these cables are not intended for permanent wiring installations.

Make Classic Wire Your Preferred Aluminum Wire Supplier

Our huge in-stock selection and our commitment to product education through extensive online resources and videos make us a preferred aluminum wire supplier across the U.S. Contact us today to request a quote or catalog or to find one of our market-leading manufacturer sales representatives.